Jun 242014

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Faces of Four Martyred Missionaries of Charity

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Mar 092016

Sister Anslem, Sister Reginette, Sister Judith, and Sister Marguerite were serving as caretakers at the Missionaries of Charity’s convent and nursing home in Aden, Yemen.

These sisters left their homes in India and Africa to serve the poor, elderly, and disabled in the war-torn country of Yemen. They worked together with volunteers at the convent’s home care center, where they served around sixty to eighty patients of all religions.

Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil is still missing

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Fr. Robert Spitzer: 4 things keeping millennials from finding God

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Mar 082016

Interview, Part 1 of 2. Millennials are becoming unbelievers … “nones” … we’ll be at 50 percent or more unbelievers in just 15 years … We have lost the will to defend our faith … intellectually and intelligently … because we’re not confident ourselves … some high school teachers … don’t want to commit themselves to the intellectual enterprise! …
They don’t have the will.


Interview Part 2: Myth, Transcendence & the “Conspiracy of Divine Providence”. Fr. Spitzer on the sacred center of all human myths, and the unlooked-for consequences of opening ourselves to God’s transcendence.

Cosmic Origins – The Scientific Evidence for Creation

EWTN Video Series: Fr. Spitzer’s Universe

Stop the Genocide Petition

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Feb 232016

Petition to Sign at StopTheChristianGenocide.org


Dear Brother Knight,  Christians in the Middle East continue to suffer, and in order to help them further, we need to do our part in convincing the U.S. Government to officially designate their persecution as genocide. Already many of our brother Knights have helped us give generously to humanitarian relief for those affected, with more than $8 million dollars raised. These funds have provided assistance in the form of food, clothing, shelter, general relief, education, religious instruction, medical care and much more. Continue reading »

Sep 302015

…to keep Me from destroying the land; but I found no one. – Ezekiel 22:30

(Long introductory speech. Queue video to 7 minutes.)

When the Holy Father uses the term “the environment,” he means something very different from what your usual run-of-the-mill “environmentalist” means by the term. – Catholic World Report

INTO THE BREACH – An Apostolic Exhortation to Catholic Men
+Thomas J. Olmsted
Bishop of Phoenix

Bishop Olmsted: Satan is ‘especially active’ around abortion facilities, so be vigilant

Sep 082015

Knights of Columbus Mexican Martyrs

Father Miguel de la Mora de la Mora Father Pedro de Jesus Maldonado Lucero
Father Jose Maria Robles Hurtado Father Rodrigo Aguilar Alemán
Father Luis Batiz Sainz Father Mateo Correa Magallanes

Other two gentlemen beatify

In addition to the revolution in Mexico, the 1920s brought about the mass persecution of Catholics.

The missionaries were expelled from the country, Catholic seminaries and schools were closed, and the Church was banned from owning properties. Priests and lay people were ordered to renounce their faith in Jesus and the public; and by refusing they faced not only punishment but torture and death. Continue reading »

Oct 282015


"Catholic men are destroying themselves by their own free-willed choices," says Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, whose book "Behold the Man," focuses on Christ crucified, covenantal love, and fatherhoodDeacon Harold Burke-Sivers, author of "Behold the Man: A Catholic Vision of Male Spirituality" (Ignatius Press, 2015) Continue reading »

Jan 212016

‘Consensus sees abortion as morally wrong and ultimately harmful to women,’ said Catholic organization’s official about results.

by CNA/EWTN NEWS 01/20/2016

WASHINGTON — Beneath the pro-life/“pro-choice” divide in the U.S., there is a significant consensus favoring abortion restrictions, according to a new Marist poll commissioned by the Knights of Columbus.

“Although the issue is often a very polarizing issue politically, what we found is that it is not a polarized issue,” Barbara Carvalho, director of the Marist Poll, said at the National Press Club on Jan. 19, announcing the poll results. More than 1,600 adults nationwide were surveyed between Nov. 15 and 22 by the Marist Institute of Public Opinion. The margin of error for the poll was 2.4 percentage points.

“The debate is too often reduced to the percentage who identify with the labels ‘pro-life’ or ‘pro-choice,’” said Patrick Kelly of the Knights of Columbus and executive director of the St. John Paul II National Shrine. Continue reading »

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