Address to Conference for Clarity on The Dubia

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Apr 252017

The Roots of the Present Crisis

Douglas Farrow, Professor of Christian thought and holder of the Kennedy Smith Chair in Catholic Studies at McGill University, Montreal; given in Rome, on April 22, 2017


It is not too much to speak of a crisis in the Church today, a crisis in several dimensions. There is a crisis of morality. There is a crisis of doctrine. There is a crisis of authority. There is a crisis of unity.

True, such crises are more common than some like to think. Perhaps the closest analog, however, comes from the sixteenth century. Half a millennium ago, the fathers of Trent had to defend the sacraments governing confession, communion, and conjugality from coordinated, if somewhat chaotic, attacks. The same three sacraments are threatened again today. They had to defend the Church’s unity and authority against the Protestant principle – against the inevitably divisive claim that the meaning of holy scripture could be determined independently of tradition and without accountability before the entire Church. That too is necessary today. They had to weed out persistent abuses both in the sacramental life and in the governance of the Church, while striving to recover a unified vision of Christian existence in which justification and sanctification, freedom and obedience, hold together. This also is urgently required in our own time. Continue reading »

Welcome to Fr. Stanley Poltorak

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Jul 182016


From the Grand Knight

I would like to first of all, take this opportunity again Father Stanley to welcome you to Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish (PBVM).  I have no doubt that you are going to bring the parish great Administrative and Spiritual Leadership.  I, the Knights of Columbus, and the Squires Circle look forward to being able to work with you, to work for you, as we work towards meeting the same goals, challenges and objectives for  and with the parishioners of our fine parish here at PBVM.  Father Michael J McGivney’s had four Principles for the Knights of Columbus, Charity, Unity, Fraternalism and Patriotism … so with you, the parishioners, the children of PBVM school, the staff of the church and the school, the many ministries of the church, the Knights of Columbus and the Squires, may we all continue to strive to build our faith based around these and have collaborative partnerships focusing around these four pillars of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

I would also like to say Thank you to Father Stanley for excepting the offer of becoming our Chaplain of the PBVM Council 15693 and the Squires Circle.  We look forward to having you as our Chaplain.  We look forward to your spiritual leadership, your advisement, your faith and to work with you as we continue to strengthen the faith of all here at PBVM.

Deacon Lawrence, I also say Thank you to you for excepting the offer to assist Father Stanley  with becoming our Spiritual Advisor, to help lead our great Council and Squires with our faith and spiritual needs.  Between both of you, I am sure that the Spiritual Leadership will far exceed our expectations.

I will remind both of you that the Council meetings are the second Tuesday of each month, starting at 7 pm.  The Squires Circle meeting have been meeting once a month in the middle of the month, but SK Miguel Acosta has informed me that this might be changing, so there will be more information to follow on this once a change has been made.  The Squires are planning their next investiture for August 14, to bring in new members.

Vivat Jesus

In Mary’s name we pray

SK Richard Westerfeld
Grand Knight
PBVM Council 15693

Our Independence is rooted in our Dependence on God

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Jul 042016

Independence Day Homily

We join with the rest of our brothers and sisters (over 300 Million) in celebrating Independence Day. I am happy and thankful that you come here today to celebrate the Holy Eucharist with us as we give praise and thanks God for the gift of freedom, freedom not just from foreign control but also freedom from sin.

The fourth of July is a day of parades, political speeches, fireworks and back yard barbecues, etc. But most of all it is a day of celebrating our Independence; an independence which was won and is maintained by the sacrifice of many lives. We are celebrating an Independence that is not absolute. Adam, the first man, thought that he had Absolute Independence and we are still suffering from the effects of it. Only God has Absolute Independence.

Our Independence is rooted in our Dependence on God. We are contingent, dependent beings. An independent creature is an intrinsic impossibility.

Our Independence is rooted in our Dependence on God. We are contingent, dependent beings. An independent creature is an intrinsic impossibility. Not even God can create an intrinsic impossibility. God can create a square and God can create a circle but not even God can create a squared circle. It is an intrinsic impossibility. That is why the First Commandment is also the greatest Commandment (You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind). Only if we are completely dependent on God we can enjoy freedom. Either we are dependent on God or we will be dependent on some creatures. Continue reading »

The Persecution of Christians: the Blood of Abel

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Jul 022016

Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli, Diocese of Patterson

The city of Damascus in Syria claims the title of being the world’s oldest continuously inhabited city. The Hyksos, the Aramaeans, the Assyrians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Muslims, the Mamelukes, the Ottomans and the French have all left their imprint on this ancient city. Today, in the midst of a protracted civil war in Syria, its citizens cling to their normal routine in the shadow of Roman ruins and along the alleyways of the souks.

For Christians, the very name “Damascus” conjures up the memory of the conversion of St. Paul. On his way to this city to persecute Christians, the Risen Lord appeared to Paul. How appropriate that this same city would recently host the leading patriarchs of the Middle East who wished to face head on today’s brutal persecution of Christians. Continue reading »

Archbishop Lori warns of ‘bloodless’ persecution as US faces ‘severest threats’ to religious liberty

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Jun 132016

140116-archbishop-loriThe loss of religious freedom is leading to a “bloodless” persecution in the United States, Supreme Chaplain, Archbishop William E. Lori warned last month at the ceremonial opening of the new graduate school at Divine Mercy University, an expansion of the Virginia-based Institute for Psychological Sciences.

Archbishop Lori implored Catholic institutions to stand strong amidst ongoing challenges to religious liberty. The newly-enlarged University integrates Catholic philosophy with modern psychology in order to train mental health professionals in fidelity to the teaching of the Catholic Church.

The Archbishop warned that “bloodless” and “polite” persecution manifests itself in public schools, courts, laws, and “policies that seek to manage and put limits on religion.”

“Massive peer pressure via the social media that affects the thinking and decisions of young people [and] the more localized disapproval of our sophisticated friends,” also contribute to this persecution, according to Archbishop Lori.

Catholic Answers GRAPHIC NOVELS “The Truth is Out There” & “The Big Picture”

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May 022016


Order The Truth is Out There
Order The Big Picture

Read a Sample Chapter of The Big Picture – Brendan & Erc in Exile, Vol. 2

Contemplative monk creates comic book to teach faith

“The Truth is Out There,” by Eastern Catholic monk Amadeus.

By Carl Bunderson

Denver, Colo., Jul 17, 2013 / 04:10 am (CNA).– Building on his lifelong love of comic books, an Eastern Catholic monk has authored a short graphic novel, “The Truth is Out There,” to help explain the truths of the faith in an understandable way.

“The reason I did it in cartoon format was because I didn’t think my friends would read it any other way,” Amadeus — which is the author’s pen-name — told CNA in a recent interview.

“The Truth is Out There” tells the story of two space-age mail carriers who begin discussing the meaning of life at a coffee bar, and as they search for truth, one comes to find it resting in the Catholic Church.

In the book’s introduction, Amadeus recounts that the work began a few years before he entered the monastery, during a conversation he was having with three friends of his who were all “born and raised Catholic.”

“It became appallingly clear how little any of us knew our faith…I had just stumbled upon the greatest problem of my generation of Catholics,” wrote Amadeus. Continue reading »

Father Patrick Joseph Lee †

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Apr 182016

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Online Obituary will remain until April 20, 2017

Rev. Patrick Lee, who served for 48 years as a priest of the Diocese of Sacramento, died April 17 in Sacramento. He was 73. Bishop Jaime Soto will preside at a Funeral Mass on Thursday, April 21 at 10 a.m. in the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, 1017 11th St. in Sacramento. Vigil service will be on Wednesday, April 20 at 4 p.m. preceded by a viewing from 1 to 4 p.m. in Presentation Church, 4123 Robertson Ave. in Sacramento. Burial will follow the Mass on April 21 at St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery, 6700 21st Avenue, Sacramento. A native of Ballinalee, County Longford, Ireland, Fr. Lee was ordained in 1968 at the Cathedral of the Assumption in Carlow, Ireland, and was invited to serve in the Diocese of Sacramento. He served as assistant pastor at St. Peter Parish in Sacramento, Holy Spirit Parish in Fairfield, St. Thomas More Parish in Paradise and St. John Vianney Parish in Rancho Cordova. He was pastor of Our Lady of the Snows Parish in Westwood from 1981 to 1990 and of St. Joseph Parish in Marysville from 1990 to 1995. In the few years prior to his retirement, he served as chaplain at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. He resided most recently at Presentation Parish and was very involved with pro-life efforts. He served as chaplain to the fourth degree Knights of Columbus and for the Legion of Mary at Presentation Parish. He is survived by two sisters, Kathleen Lee and Peggy Hurson, and brother-in-law Michael Hurson, all of Ireland; a niece, three nephews and six grand nephews. His family is grateful that he died in the loving presence of his family and a few close friends. Memorial donations may be made to Presentation School, 3100 Norris Ave., Sacramento, CA 95821. – See more at:

Continue reading »

Jan 162016

My Dear People,

Many people (especially those favoring elective abortion) would have us believe that abortion is “settled law” in America. It is a feature of our lives which has become acceptable and with which we are becoming more comfortable. A look under the surface reveals something very different. The “settled” nature of abortion is a myth perpetrated by a fiercely pro-abortion media. It needs to be exploded. The Pro Life message is winning the hearts and minds of people, so let us renew our Faith in God and continue His work. Here are some important facts. Continue reading »

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