Nov 112013
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Fresh and Tasty Treats fundraiser


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Sponsored by Knights of Columbus Council Number 15693
Yo-Good Frozen Yogurt
SmallCakes, a Cupcakery
Juice Zone Smoothies & Treats
Tasty Image Personalized Chocolates
4005 Manzanita Ave, Suite 39

Fresh and Tasty Treats
4005 Manzanita Avenue
Suite 39
Carmichael, CA 95608
Mazanita & Cypress
north of Bel Air
Monday- Friday
Saturday & Sunday

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Looking for a semisweet Christmas gift for your cat-loving grandma or a chocolate twist on the usual party favor? You might consider Carmichael’s newest craze of turning photos into chocolate. Imagine your newborn on the top of a truffle. Or how about transforming your favorite wedding photo into a giant heartshaped chocolate lollipop?

At Al Esquivel’s Fresh & Tasty Treats right next to Bel Air on Manzanita Avenue, there’s now no longer a need to wait for a genie in a bottle. Just bring your favorite photo and your imagination to his in-store chocolate laboratory and see what happens next. (While you wait, you might want to nibble on some of his mini cupcakes or a fruit-filled cr6pe or try a bit of frozen yogurt.) Esquivel decided to open Fresh & Tasty Treats after a career as a franchise consultant, helping entrepreneurs all over the nation find the right franchise for their location. In the process of researching hundreds of opportunities, he developed a taste for the sweet stuff. Not only did the edible chocolate laboratory make sense to him, but so did frozen yogurt, smoothies, juices, cr6pes, waffles and cupcakes. So rather than choose just one, he chose them all and put them under one roof, His mix of specialty products is aimed at keeping customers coming into the shop no matter what the season. For more information, call 973-1768.

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