Apr 172013

Please add this e-mail address to your “Safe Senders” list:

  • info@mailva.evite.com

“Evite” invitations will go into your Junk-Mail/Spam folder, until you make the address a “Safe Sender”.

What is Evite?
Our invitation service.

What is “add to Safe Senders list”?
How you stop an email address from going into your Junk-Mail/Spam folder.

How-To-Do-It for our most common domains (gmail, yahoo, surewest, hotmail, etc).

This is How-To for Outlook:

Aug 132013


  • Sending passwords in email is highly insecure,
  • if the user’s email is ever hacked, the information will be compromised,
  • so make a special, temporary web page with the login info,
  • as soon as you enter the password, a custom URL is created,
  • e-mail just the URL, NOT THE PASSWORD,
  • tell the user to copy all the information,
  • then tell the user to delete the info on the web page.

Carson Weber, the presenter on the video above, produced the Presentation Parish website.

by Bliss Drive Review