Faces of Four Martyred Missionaries of Charity

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Mar 092016

Sister Anslem, Sister Reginette, Sister Judith, and Sister Marguerite were serving as caretakers at the Missionaries of Charity’s convent and nursing home in Aden, Yemen.

These sisters left their homes in India and Africa to serve the poor, elderly, and disabled in the war-torn country of Yemen. They worked together with volunteers at the convent’s home care center, where they served around sixty to eighty patients of all religions.

Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil is still missing

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Stop the Genocide Petition

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Feb 232016

Petition to Sign at StopTheChristianGenocide.org


Dear Brother Knight,  Christians in the Middle East continue to suffer, and in order to help them further, we need to do our part in convincing the U.S. Government to officially designate their persecution as genocide. Already many of our brother Knights have helped us give generously to humanitarian relief for those affected, with more than $8 million dollars raised. These funds have provided assistance in the form of food, clothing, shelter, general relief, education, religious instruction, medical care and much more. Continue reading »

Nov 242019

Even Bishops Accountability Notes the Lack of Due Process for Accused Priests

A well beloved young priest in California was accused by an adult woman of improprieties. Three people know the truth, God, the woman, and the priest. But in a span of time too short for sufficient discovery or due process, the priest was dismissed.

Some priests have fallen, some women of uncertain mental stability have been known to suffer a morbid attraction to priests by virtue of their celibacy, some attorneys have targeted the Catholic Church for "deep pockets", some Bishops have "passed the trash".

Bishops Accountability is no friend of the Catholic Bishops, but even they note that accused priests are denied due process. The Second Wave of Abuse: the Fate of Our Accused Priests

The little-known story is that the Catholic Church was originally instrumental in the development of due process, an outgrowth of Justinian's Code and heir to the Code of Hammurabi.

It is difficult to get at the truth, because a Church that tells people not all sexual activity is good for them, for families or for society, has been cudgeled with the black legend of the inquisition.

The Roman Inquisition was not the same as the Spanish. Torquemada committed grievous abuses. But the Spanish Inquisition was heavily involved with the monarchy, even though its officers were clerics. About 1475, the Papacy forbade the Spanish Inquisition permission to operate; about 1525, the Spanish Crown sent a menacing letter to the Pope regarding interference with the Spanish Inquisition. It is estimated that the Spanish Inquisition was involved in the execution of approximately three relapsed heretics per year over a 400 year period over a geographic span extending from Peru to Malta. Continue reading »

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