Nov 122013

KeepChristInChristmasKeep Christ in Christmas

In a society where Christmas has become for many – especially children – a secular holiday. To combat this, the Knights of Columbus has introduced the Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest. This program – similar to the Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest – will allow young people to engage their creative talents and imaginations while understanding the true, spiritual meaning of Christmas.

Entries in the Knights of Columbus “Keep Christ in Christmas” Poster contest must include a slogan reflecting the topic and an original visual image.


The Knights of Columbus “Keep Christ in Christmas” Poster Contest is open to all young people between the ages of 5 and 14. Continue reading »

Jul 012013

Altar Servers: Altar servers were presented with a certificate and a cash award to honor the top students. These awards are to show the Council’s appreciation for the faithful and devoted service they give to the Parish. One hundred dollars ($100) was split between ten students, for $10 each:

  • Keegan Ball
  • Josh Enabni
  • Tyler Garcia
  • Jacob Grisaffi
  • Emmanuel Lopez
  • Justin Malone
  • Annemarie Mullen
  • Jeffrey Patton
  • Mireya Saunders
  • Will Yuponce

Additionally, Council 4790 had a great graduation program. Seven-hundred fifty dollar ($750) scholarships to a selected Catholic high school were presented to:

  • Annemarie Mullen – St. Francis
  • Will Yuponce – Christian Brothers

Essay Contest Award Winners:

First Place: Will Yuponce
Fourth Place: Alyssa Agatep
Participation: Annemarie Mullen

Congratulations to not only the award winners but all our parish school students, particularly those graduates for success in your high school careers.

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