Aug 132013
Knights Kneeling at Prayer, St. Joseph of Colbert (WA) Council 8872

Knights Kneeling at Prayer, St. Joseph of Colbert (WA) Council 8872

Here is a way we Knights could reach out to the community, to let people know who we are, to possibly elicit interest from more potential members. At the July 2013 General Meeting, Dave Leatherby suggested something that had a big impact on a parish community some years ago: A group of men who regularly met in the privacy of a small chapel to pray the rosary once a week were asked to publicly pray/lead the rosary for the whole parish at a gathering. The sight of 40 men on their knees around the altar praying the rosary brought many people to tears. Dave suggested that we Knights might do this periodically (weekly?, monthly?, quarterly?) before Mass, or some other parish event. It would be a wonderful way to witness to the importance of prayer, an example to our families, children. Dave believes it would attract others to want to become a part of such an organization. Pretty simple proposal, we just need someone to schedule and organize it.

Financial Secretary Charles Mudd comments:

I went to Mass this morning [Thursday, August 22nd] after dropping off my son at school (it was very good to see Brothers Mark Z and Ron Mahurin there – sorry if I missed someone). As Mass ended, the entire congregation knelt and sang O Salutoris Hostia as Fr. Lee returned the Blessed Sacrament to the adoration chapel.

I knelt there in the church and began to consider something that piques my thoughts from time to time; how often I fail to appreciate how fortunate we are to be part of such a vibrant, faith-filled parish (unfortunately, a failure that I exhibit more often than not). Today is a fairly slow day for me which may be the reason I was more open to reflection on this point. I was able to appreciate more fully the beauty and appropriateness of such a small gesture as kneeling in adoration. Moreover, that everyone present knelt in unison heightened my appreciation of this small gesture as truly something unique in our time. This is a daily event in our parish and though small, it is something that we, at Presentation are fortunate to witness and fortunate to have the opportunity to take part in.

by Bliss Drive Review