Christian Knights Participate in the Liturgy Most by Devout Reception of Holy Communion

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Dec 242017

A Catholic Knight:
A Gentleman – A Man

  • Who is Mature and Pious.
  • Who is Willing to Make Sacrifices.
  • Who is Courageous in the Face of Challenges and of evil.
  • Who is Loyal to Those to Whom He Owes Services and Debts, and
  • Who Would Rather Die Than Sin.
  • He is Aware of a Hierarchy of Loves in His Life
  • He strives always to keep his Divine Captain and his King on the throne of his heart, and
  • He is willing to take on every task that his Lord sets him to.

  • Seek Justice.
  • Love Mercy.
  • Walk Humbly with your God.

Instruction on Sacred Music (“De Musica Sacra”) • Issued by Pope Pius XII in 1958

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Jun 142014

FrLeatherbyEmailFrom “Fr. Jeremy Leatherby’s Weekly Bulletin Article”

Paul Friedrich &
David Leatherby ordained Deacons!

Saturday,  July 5th, 2014
My Dear Parishioners,

Last weekend’s diaconate ordination was a beautiful celebration. It was wonderful to see so many of our parishioners there. A number of you commented that you had never seen an ordination before. They are certainly moving experiences. To witness 19 men entrusting themselves more fully to follow our Lord Jesus Christ as his deacons (from the Greek word for “servant”) touched many hearts.  There were many moist eyes to be found throughout the ceremony.

DaveLeatherbyPaulFriedrichWe were blessed to be the only parish with two of our members being ordained, Paul Friedrich and David Leatherby. As we are not a large parish, and we already have a deacon assigned to Presentation, Paul and David’s first diaconate assignments will be at neighboring parishes.  Bishop Soto has assigned Paul to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish and David to St. Philomene’s.  Of course, we will most likely still see both of them here regularly, as Presentation will remain their home parish, but there will be numerous weekends where they are away from us, assisting in their diaconal duties. Please remember them in your prayers, especially during this period of transition.

I am asking both Paul and David to assist at the altar and to preach a weekend of Masses for us here, so we will all have a chance to see them in their new role.  Also, I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate them as a community, so they will both be present for and assisting at the 10:30AM Mass on Sunday, July 13, as one will be the Deacon of the Word, the other the Deacon of the Eucharist.  Afterward, we will have a BBQ and reception at the Immaculata which the Knights of Columbus are hosting for us.  Please do try to attend and show your support for these newly ordained deacons (and their wives who have been with them every step of the way!).

I hope you all had a blessed 4th of July!

In Jesus, through Mary,

Father Jeremy Leatherby



Dec 142013

Paul and Sharon Friedrich

On Saturday, November 16, one of our parishioners, TheLittleKnightPaul Friedrich, after more than four years of preparation for the Order of Deacon, was instituted as an Acolyte in the celebration of the Rite of Acolyte by Bishop Soto.  In becoming an acolyte, Paul can now assist at the altar in an official capacity, which you will see him doing in the months ahead.

DeaconLawrenceWe thank the Lord for the ordained ministry of our Deacon-Knight, TheLittleKnightLawrence Klimecki.

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