Christian Knights Participate in the Liturgy Most by Devout Reception of Holy Communion

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Dec 242017

A Catholic Knight:
A Gentleman – A Man

  • Who is Mature and Pious.
  • Who is Willing to Make Sacrifices.
  • Who is Courageous in the Face of Challenges and of evil.
  • Who is Loyal to Those to Whom He Owes Services and Debts, and
  • Who Would Rather Die Than Sin.
  • He is Aware of a Hierarchy of Loves in His Life
  • He strives always to keep his Divine Captain and his King on the throne of his heart, and
  • He is willing to take on every task that his Lord sets him to.

  • Seek Justice.
  • Love Mercy.
  • Walk Humbly with your God.

Instruction on Sacred Music (“De Musica Sacra”) • Issued by Pope Pius XII in 1958

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf – Fr. Z’s Blog
Fr. Z – “Joe Bag of Donuts”

Sep 082015

Knights of Columbus Mexican Martyrs

Father Miguel de la Mora de la Mora Father Pedro de Jesus Maldonado Lucero
Father Jose Maria Robles Hurtado Father Rodrigo Aguilar Alemán
Father Luis Batiz Sainz Father Mateo Correa Magallanes

Other two gentlemen beatify

In addition to the revolution in Mexico, the 1920s brought about the mass persecution of Catholics.

The missionaries were expelled from the country, Catholic seminaries and schools were closed, and the Church was banned from owning properties. Priests and lay people were ordered to renounce their faith in Jesus and the public; and by refusing they faced not only punishment but torture and death. Continue reading »

Sep 212015
Much thanks goes to the Knights Of Columbus of Presentation parish! They helped pay for the ice cream for our 40 Days for Life ice cream social kickoff. Not only did they help pay for the ice cream,they even served it! Thank you Peter Mendenhall and fellow Knights for being so special and so supportive of life!

Much thanks goes to the Knights Of Columbus of Presentation parish! They helped pay for the ice cream for our 40 Days for Life ice cream social kickoff. Not only did they help pay for the ice cream,they even served it! Thank you Peter Mendenhall [Arden-Carmichael 4970 PGK] and fellow Knights for being so special and so supportive of life!

Continue reading »

Jul 012014

Knights of Columbus Supreme Knight Carl Anderson discusses the new book on Fr. Michael McGivney in Rome, June 26, 2014.

By Andrea Gagliarducci
A new Italian edition of a book about the life of Father Michael McGivney tells the story of his extraordinary life as a parish priest, the inspiration that led him to found the Knights of Columbus, and the chronicle of his ongoing canonization process.

“In reading this book, it will be clear that Father McGivney isn’t only a model for American priests, but for all priests as well,” Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, stressed at a June 25 presentation in Rome.

The Italian edition of “Parish Priest,” by Douglas Brinkley and Julie M. Fenster, has been published by Vatican Publishing House.

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May 182014

May 6, 2014
An interview with Devin Schadt, whose new book challenges men to recognize that fathers are not defined by their occupations but by their vocations

by Carl E. Olson

Devin Schadt is a husband, father, and speaker whose book, Joseph’s Way: Prayer of Faith (80 Days to Unlocking Your Power as a Father) was recently published by Ignatius Press. The book is the first of a two-volume series that seeks to “transmit the message of the glory, necessity, and power of fatherhood.” Devin is the cofounder of the Fathers of St. Joseph, an apostolate that works for the renewal of authentic fatherhood, and he lives in the Midwest with his wife and five children. He recently corresponded with Carl E. Olson, editor of Catholic World Report, about the family as an icon of the Trinity, the example of St. Joseph, and how families goes the way of the father.

CWR: What was the inspiration, or origin, of Joseph’s Way: Prayer of Faith? How did your own experience as a Catholic, husband, and father shape this book and the second volume, Prayer of a King?

Devin Schadt: Joseph’s Way was born out of crisis. Our third daughter, Anna Marie, was born at 28 weeks gestational period. After an emergency caesarian section, she spent a month in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in order to develop her lungs and digestive system, and eventually returned home with our family. After five days she contracted the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which is a type of cold that attacks premature infants’ lungs, often causing death. We readmitted Anna Marie to the pediatric unit at the local hospital, but the team was not equipped, nor did they have enough experience, to care for a child that small. Due to neglect, and ten hours of apnea, Anna Marie suffered a hypoxic event, wherein not enough oxygen was transmitted to her brain. By the time the Medivac team stabilized her on life support and she had arrived by helicopter at a children’s hospital a couple of hours away, she had suffered three clinical death experiences and permanent brain injury. Continue reading »

Apr 202014

Good Friday rosary at Planned Parenthood offers prayers, support for pregnant women

Phoenix Diocesan

Apr 19, 2014 | Joyce Coronel (interim managing editor of The Catholic Sun)

GLENDALE, AZ – Carrying rosaries, pushing babies in strollers and bearing images of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Catholics from throughout the Diocese of Phoenix gathered in front of a Planned Parenthood [abortion business] in a Glendale neighborhood Good Friday. Local police estimated the crowd of faithful exceeded 500.

The [abortion business] provides medication-induced abortions up to nine weeks and surgical abortions up to 24 weeks when women are visibly pregnant and feeling the unborn child within them kick.

The Hope Ultrasound Mobile Unit was parked nearby offering free pregnancy tests and ultrasound exams for women, hoping to persuade them to choose life. Pro-life activists have often stated that about 90 percent of women who view ultrasound images of their unborn baby decide against abortion.

Fr. Mike Straley, pastor of nearby Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, said his parishioners pray outside the abortion [business] at least monthly. “I think it’s important on Good Friday to pray not just in our churches but to pray publicly and to take a stand for life,” Fr. Straley said. Continue reading »

Mar 122014

60-year-old ‘guardian angel’ put himself between knife-wielding man attacking pro-life woman

by Peter Baklinski – LifeSiteNews – Thursday, October 10, 2013

4th Degree Knight, Josue Gauran

TORONTO, October 10, 2013 ( – Faye Arellano may not be alive today to tell of her terrifying attack by a knife-wielding man while protesting abortion this weekend in Toronto had it not been for the heroic efforts of a “good Samaritan” who stood between her and her attacker.

Josue Gauran, 60, is a husband and father, a factory worker, a Knight of Columbus, and the man who decided to help Arellano.

“Yes, I remember Mr. Gauran, who came to rescue me as soon as I was knocked to the ground by the aggressor,” Arellano told “I must confess that I didn’t really know him that well, but will now remember him as ‘one sent to deliver me from the foe.’”

Arellano, in her late 40s, was attending a silent and prayerful Life Chain pro-life event on Sunday afternoon when she was suddenly assaulted by the man, who at first doused her with water from a bottle, then hurled the empty bottle at her face, grabbed her by the hair, slammed her to the ground, and began punching and kicking her repeatedly before drawing his knife.

In your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood. – Hebrews 12:4Standing on the corner of Bathurst and Eglinton in plainclothes, Gauran was preparing to take photos of his brother Knights as they returned from the afternoon Life Chain event to Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church.

Michael Panagapko of Toronto, 45, was charged with three counts of assault, one count of assault with a weapon, and one count of wielding a dangerous weapon.

The attack on Arellano may have been deadly had it not been for an “unidentified male victim” — as police described him — who selflessly put himself between Arellano and her attacker.

“As I was standing there on the corner, I heard an altercation with shouting,” Gauran told LifeSiteNews. “I heard a man’s voice. He was saying: ‘Stop following me.’ I heard the lady saying: ‘I am not following you.’” Continue reading »

Dec 142013

‘Un Empresario Cristiano’

Argentinian businessman Enrique Shaw kept his company open during an economic downturn for the benefit of his employees.

The opposite of ruthless unconcern for the rest of his industry, he adopted business policies actually to benefit his competitors.

Founder of Asociación Cristiana de Dirigentes de Empresas (ACDE) – Christian Association of Business Executives, part of the International Union of Employers (UNIAPAC), his inspired leadership helped spread a movement of spiritually enlightened management to other countries.

Enrique sought to evangelize others to the faith with a light and loving spirit, first as a Naval Officer, then in his civilian life. As a factory manager, he treated his employees and their families with Christian brotherhood, breaking down formal barriers between “boss” and “workers”. When he suffered a final illness, they donated their blood to him; he declared, “Now I have the workers’ blood running through my veins.”

Process of Canonization

The canonization process for Enrique Shaw, (born Paris, February 26, 1921 – † Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 27, 1962), began in the Diocese of Buenos Aires on August 25, 2005. The opening of the Cause of Canonization was initiated after several years of work by the Court and information about his life and testimony of those who knew him.

“In the midst of the crisis in [Argentinian] church-state relations in 1954, the police closed down the Buenos Aires office of Asociación Cristiana de Dirigentes de Empresas (ACDE) and arrested Enrique Shaw, the founder of the group. In reference to the Peronist conflict with the church, a memorandum in the ACDE archives noted that ‘ACDE had the honor of suffering,’ and the conflict strengthened the resolve of ACDE members to influence the course of events in Argentina.” – Michael A Burdick, For God and Fatherland: Religion and Politics in Argentina, 1996. a Spanish book The Gospel of the Bold, published in 2005, Enrique Shaw’s biography appears along with figures such as Konrad Adenauer, Baldwin I, Georges Bidault, Alcide de Gasperi, Ángel Herrera Oria, Robert Kennedy, Giorgio Lapira, Aldo Moro and Robert Schumann.

Benito D. Spoletini, "Enrique Shaw: A Holy Businessman of Our Time" (Un Empresario Santo de Nuestro Tiempo}

Benito D. Spoletini, “Enrique Shaw:A Holy Businessman of Our Time” (Un Empresario Santo de Nuestro Tiempo)

The possibility that Shaw will begin a process of canonization was launched in 1997 by the current Argentinian Cardinal, Jorge Mejía, during a presentation to members of ACDE (Asociación Cristiana de Dirigentes de Empresas). “I think Enrique’s life deserves the opening of a case,” Mejia said.

Finally, the archbishop of the diocese of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio and the Holy See authorized the opening of the cause.

Now, the Court appointed by the Bishop will continue to analyze the testimonies of those who knew the employer and his many writings on spiritual matters, and is expected to finish the Historical Commission designated its report in 2009 .

If Servant of God, Enrique Shaw were to move forward in the process and become canonized, he could be the first businessman in the world to be declared holy .

Wikipedia article, in Spanish – Google Translate into English:



Trate de encontrar una foto sin amor en sus ojos.

Feb 112014
Zaisho Shichiemon

Zaisho Shichiemon

On November 24, 2008 the Catholic Church proclaimed as blessed 188 Japanese martyrs from all walks of their county’s way of life. Among them were several of those renown warriors, the samurai.

It may seem odd to consider that these samurai – which we see flooding our television and movie screens – as models of the Christian life. They were, after all, soldiers of a pagan world who gave their lives entirely to an earthly master, trained from young ages to kill. On closer inspection, however, there is much we can learn from the example of the samurai as Christians – and not only those who have been recognized as blessed.

One of those beatified is a samurai named Zaisho Shichiemon, who accepted baptism despite the express prohibition of his master. According to www.chiesa, when the priest reminded him that such defiance of his lord could be punished by death, Zaisho replied, “I know, but I have understood that salvation lies in the teaching of Jesus, and no one can separate me from Him.” Four months later, he was ordered to renounce his faith. Zaisho replied, “I would obey in any other matter, but I cannot accept any order that is opposed to my eternal salvation.” He was then executed in the street in front of his house.

Even though it became a matter of life and death, Zaisho and other samurai knew the importance of service and obedience to one’s lord. Samurai lords, called diaymo, literally held the lives of their servants in their hands. However, Zaisho was aware that in the case of his soul and salvation, he could not disobey his Lord, Jesus, even at the command of his earthly master – despite the fact that the man he disobeyed provided all his worldly needs, including home, food and wages, and even had the power to have him executed on a whim. Continue reading »

Dec 102013

Joyful Defenders Deploy Rosary Shield

Brave Catholic Men looking up, averting their gaze.
“The attack on our bodies was the least of things.…One can only remain in astounded horror seeing what a creature, a child of God, a woman destined to wonderful things, can become when choosing personal degradation, egoism and death against her own nature.”

LifeSiteNewsWarning: Links to Graphic Content

Inside the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista de Cuyo, Argentina, on November 24, 2013, 700 people prepared in prayer accompanied by their Bishop, Msgr. Alfonso Delgado.

Before the assault by 1,500 radicals, all the men, kneeling down before a priest, had said a prayer of exorcism. “I think all of us had an expectant emotion for defending the House of God.…But then, during the two hours the assault lasted, the sensation was that of pity for these women.”

“The attack on our bodies was the least of things.…One can only remain in astounded horror seeing what a creature, a child of God, a woman destined to wonderful things, can become when choosing personal degradation, egoism and death against her own nature.”

“I looked into her eyes without ceasing to pray.…Suddenly she became calm and quiet; slowly she uncovered her face and looked at me, and withdrew in silence away from the crowd.”Oscar Campillay, father of 8, shared how “there was a moment in which a girl whose face was covered stood in front of me. I decided to look into her eyes without ceasing to pray, while she assaulted me.”

“There was an instant in which our eyes met and we each held our gaze firmly. Suddenly she became calm and quiet; slowly she uncovered her face and looked at me, and withdrew in silence away from the crowd,” he said.


Radicals attacked Defenders with solvent-containing spray paint.
(The shirts of the men at right were originally white.
Red & purple colors are spray paint with poisonous solvents.)

Nov 262013

vbrsVirtue Based
Restorative Discipline

A Catholic Response to Bullying

He who heeds discipline
shows the way to life, but
whoever ignores correction
leads others astray.
Proverbs 10:17

An outreach of the Catholic Education Center, Archdiocese of St. Louis.


—• Decrease anti-social behaviors
→ Bullying
→ Problematic disruptions
Increase faith practices
→ Education on virtue
→ Integration of faith in discipline at home and at school

Commit to Constructive Language
→ Eliminate judging, criticizing, labeling, gossip, rumors, diminishing statements
Become a Student of Virtue
→ Learn them, live them, pick three per year
Engage in Restorative Practices
→ Circles at every level: parents, staff, students; address harm with dignity, hope



The goal of a virtuous life is to become like God.
– Catechism of the Catholic Church §1803

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Oct 152013

Capt. Castellano and his family pose with
actor Tom Hanks during filming.

SUPREME [10/11/13] – The new movie “Captain Phillips,” about the high seas rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips, played by Tom Hanks, was released on October 11, 2013. A tense drama, the film is based on the 2009 hijacking of an American cargo ship by pirates off the coast of Somalia and the successful recovery effort by the U.S. Navy.

The daring Easter Sunday rescue of Capt. Phillips was overseen by Capt. Francis X. Castellano, a member of the Knights of Columbus for 27 years, who is played in the movie by Yul Vazquez. Continue reading »

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