Jul 092013

My Brother Knights,

I would first like to thank all of you for your contributions in making our new council possible! The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Council #15693 would not have been possible without all my brother Knights making themselves available and pushing their limits. When I look around the room at our events I see a vibrant group of men in similar situations willing to support each other and our community. Outstanding!

As we move into the new Columbian Year and we begin, in earnest, to live out the Columbian spirit, it is important that the men of council 15693 be aware of the many issues confronting the Church, our country, and our families. There are many issues surrounding us today about which we must be knowledgeable and in the face of which we must remain vigilant so as to uphold our Catholic values.

As we near the 4th of July holiday, it is important we remind ourselves of the virtues on which this great country is founded; most urgently, freedom of religion! Today, this virtue is under attack. Here are just a few of the issues that are slowing encroaching on our most basic and cherished freedoms: abortion, mandated healthcare, gun control, Core Curriculum. The list can go on and on but for me, these are just a few of the reasons why we have formed our council. I know at many moments throughout my day, I can get discouraged and I feel as if I am the only one fighting this impossible battle. However, our new council has given me more energy to fight. Knowing that I have bother Knights behind me in support brings much spirit and encouragement in this fight. It is comforting to know we all believe in the same Catholic values and all are willing to die for our families and our faith.

Fr Leatherby and GK Jordan Ruiz

Chaplain Fr. Jeremy Leatherby and Grand Knight Jordan Ruiz

Looking back, we have been able to accomplish much in the last few months. In review: we were able to gain +50 members and establish our new council, hold our own first degree, carry out two membership meetings, deliver a spectacular Mother’s Day breakfast, launch a website and build a newsletter. Again, this could not have been accomplished without all of your support. I would like to take this time to thank just a few of the key players like Richard W, Mark Z, Charles Mudd, Sean Tusi, Bill Keevers, John Baskette, Gene Trinka, and Vincent Durant. I could honestly list everyone but wanted to give special thanks to these men for their outstanding efforts. All of these guys have gone above and beyond in helping our council get off the ground and I look forward to their, and your contributions in the future.

by Bliss Drive Review